Today I went to church for the FIRST time….

As I woke up to get ready to church I realized my intentions…

  • What can I wear that will look good?
  • What shoes matches?
  • Gotta put on makeup to look appealing for others…
  • and last but not least gotta grab my bible to so look like I am into God’s word….

But what
I DID HAVE instead:

  • What can I wear that will show God’s light? His rebirth in me?
  • Haha this is kinddda funny… but I threw away all the shoes that I pretty much had that I used to wear to Church or out… so I wore my new flip flops I bought at a Brazilian store for a few bucks….
  • Alright shower and freshen up… to GIVE GOD MY BEST!!!
  • And last but not least grab my Bible because this is the only book that given me TRUTH!

I get to church that Pastor Vasily invited me to go and attend after he guided me back to Jesus….

I confidently walk in like I’ve been going there for ages…

And find a spot at the front!
As we start to sing… I start to feel complete connection to Gods presence and began to overflow with his complete forgiveness and love towards me…

The past 3 years has tested my faith in every direction!
And it it such an overwhelming feeling to be in the house of God once again… but this time with the right MIND, HEART and SOUL.

My eyes were finally directed at God. And for that I am so grateful ♥️

For those getting ready to seek God today…think about where is your heart at?

Ps: This song made me sob so hard hope it hits your heart strings as much as it hit mine this morning. (The Blessing-Kari Jobe)


God hears our crys…

I know that a lot of people are hurting right now… crying out for justice.

I was there right there a few days ago crying out to God for answers for days and night without much food or sleep…

My closest friends (those I consider family) had been confiding in me about their personal lives and a lot of their recent events and pains had a lot of connection to what had happened to me as a child and to hear that such horrific events was happening/happened to those that I love closest to my heart completely teared me apart… to the point words will never be able to describe the pain I felt and feel for them.

It is obvious that we’re battling for goodness in this broken world… but the biggest thing I learned is that we can’t fight this alone.

I was and have been battling the darkest parts of life on my own… to the point it broke me to the core.

As I began to read the Bible again it gave me great comfort to know the the Lord will come again and give complete justice to those that desperately need it.

Because I know that my friends desperately need justice for what had happened to them!

This is the verse that completely lifted off the grudge and pain in my heart and provided me comfort…

Psalm 9:8-10

He will judge the world with justice and rule the nations with fairness.

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.

Much love,

Your WORTH was measured on the CROSS.

Jesus makes us believe that we are worth it all…the price He paid for my sins…

For my unforgiving sins…He has forgiven.


I’ve always wanted freedom…but I never knew that it was freedom of my sins and pains that I needed the most.

This past week was exactly what I needed for my soul to be set free completely.

I came to my Pastor completely myself from head to toe…I wanted to come to him like a lost child an orphan once again.

I wanted complete direction of God to guide me now, not myself…since I was only leading myself to earthly death.

I was weak, exhausted, soulless, and completely lost. I needed a complete restart, and a new purpose to fulfill in my life.

I walked walked many days in the darkness and misery…it was time for change…complete surrender to Christ.

I came to the Pastor with all my sins and pains and shared them one by one. To see that there was no judgement but only complete love in his eyes…allowed me to open my heart, mind and soul to accepting Jesus sacrifice for my sins on the cross.

I have grown up with God’s mention in my life 97% of the time…but I have never fully understood the price that Jesus paid for me, for MY sins!

The time that the Pastor took to explain in perfect detail of the amount of love God has for me that he sent his ONLY son for my sins, left me speechless and in complete tears of gratefulness.

Thoughts in my head such as why me Jesus, why would die on the cross for someone as lowly as me? I don’t deserve such love. After everything I have done by turning my back away from you for a couple years, the amount of damage it has caused in my heart…I never thought anyone could forgive me.

Let alone JESUS himself.

But here I am today completely forgiven.

Brand new.

Surrendered completely to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

May we take the hardest step forward so that we can embrace God’s new glorious life that is in store for us.

No more shame, guilt, fear, control…

Much peace,